Retirement Event

June 29th 2017

Our Executive Director, Chris Fyles, after 35 wonderful years at Lake City Woodworkers is retiring and we say thank you in a big way.

Our clients, staff, board members, families, and members of the community gathered to celebrate Chris’s many achievements and hard work on behalf of LakeCity.  The following is an excerpt from comments made by Donna Rubenstein, Chair, LakeCity Board of Directors:

“Chris was hired as the Employment Director when there were only a couple of employees, and twelve or so clients making highway stakes.  Thirty-five years later- we see a dramatic change.

When Chris started, mental health was not talked about. He has done outreach to businesses, government and the community, helping to bring the mental health conversation out in the open.

I have known Chris for only a few years- a short time compared to many of you.  In that period, I have been lucky to experience the power of his style-his kindness, passion for mental health issues and persistent determination to make things better for others.  Especially for those who cannot advocate for themselves.

Chris can tell you about almost every person who has stepped foot in Lake City – that is what he is about.  He listens to their stories, no matter how small or how silly.  That is why when you enter the workshop, faces light up.  Smiles are everywhere.

Where others see roadblocks, Chris sees opportunities and he is always working to find openings for improvement.

When I asked people how they would describe Chris, one theme came up consistently – authentic.  He is always there, patient and willing to take the time necessary to resolve a problem.  He does things not be cause he ‘should’ but because he genuinely wants to.

Lake City is the result of that persistence over 35 years – a vibrant community of people, that has transformed thousands of lives…. It is a special place and because of Chris’ leadership, Lake City will continue on for many years.”

From all of us at Lake City, we would like to thank Chris Fyles for his vision, his dedication and incredible kindness that we will carry on.  Wishing you all the best!