LakeCity Employment Services Association is a non-profit agency that offers free employment services to people living with a mental illness. For over 35 years, LakeCity has been providing support in the area of employment. We support the principles of psychosocial rehabilitation and welcome the opportunity to be part of the recovery process.

LakeCity began in 1972 as the Dartmouth Activity Centre as part of the Canadian Mental Health Association which provided life skills and recreation for clients of mental health services who were reintegrating into the community. Clients identified work as an important means of maintaining their health and LakeCity Woodworkers was started in response to this demand. Initially only a limited range of simple furniture was available for sale.

On February 12th 1982 the association was incorporated and that same year we moved to our current 386 Windmill Road location. In 1988 the community employment program was added to access a wider variety of employment opportunities.

Over time we have expanded our building to allow us to continue to grow.