Our Services

A variety of free services and resources are available to help guide and support eligible and ready participants:

Employment and Education

  • Assistance with job search and career exploration
  • Offering networking and interview preparation and support
  • Resume writing assistance
  • Providing tips and tools for job readiness and preparation
  • Help with navigating the system and accessing community resources
  • Connecting clients to support groups, clinicians and other mental health supports
  • Offering support with skills development and training programs
  • Making referrals and connecting clients to workshops and programs
  • Help with accessing and navigating labour market information
  • Offering basic computer assistance and orientation
  • Access to a photocopying machine, fax machine and telephone
  • Offering follow along employment maintenance support

Additional Programs

  • On-site woodworking assessments and training (pending availability) in the areas of general woodworking, wine rack assembly, survey stakes and finishing.
  • On-site reBoot assessments and training (pending availability) in computer refurbishing and recycling
  • Assessments and training (pending availability) in the fields of reception and building cleaning.

Please see the Eligibility and Readiness Criteria sections to see if our services are right for you.

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