Success Stories

2016-2017 Testimonials

“I encourage other people to go see someone at LakeCity Employment Services. You will not be disappointed.”

“I have never felt so supported employment wise as I have by LakeCity Employment Services.”

“In the past year, my Employment Counsellor has helped me redefine myself in every way. I feel more accepted; more appreciated, and absolutely feel I have self-worth.”

“Before meeting my Employment Counsellor, I felt lost with nowhere to turn and felt that I had no options. That changed the first day I met my EC. They listened and actually heard me.”

“Over the last year, my Employment Counsellor has helped me reach my potential, and how much I actually matter.”

“Right now, I’m on my way to applying for school with 110% support from my Employment Counsellor, who always goes above and beyond and believes in me.”

“When we talked about starting a business, my Employment Counsellor seemed very well connected.”

“Lake City has supported me to navigate the process for applying to various programs, such as employment programs and skills development. I enjoy discussing employment opportunities with them and appreciate their knowledge and feedback.”

“Not too many places that help mental health people. Usually people walk away when they hear you have mental health problems, but LakeCity actually listens.”

“When you have mental health issues, it’s hard to know where to go, but when you find somewhere that you can make a connection and find help, it is very special, and I want other people to experience this too.”