What is Recovery?

The Mental Health Strategy for Canada defines recovery as living a satisfying, hopeful, and meaningful life, even when there are ongoing limitations caused by mental health issues. With the right combination of services and supports, many people who are living with even the most severe mental illnesses can experience significant improvements in their quality of life.

Recovery does not imply a “cure.” Yes, the full remission of symptoms may be possible for some. But for others, mental health issues should be thought of in the same way as diabetes or other chronic health problems — something that has to be managed over the course of your life but does not prevent you from leading a happy, fulfilling life. At its core, the concept of recovery is about hope, empowerment, self-determination, and responsibility.

Good mental health and wellbeing are important for all of us — no matter our age and whether or not we experience mental health issues. The principles of recovery apply to everybody.

Recovery information sourced from the Mental Health Commission’s ‘The Mental Health Strategy for Canada: A Youth’s Perspective’ (2015)